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 Ilakinos - Assasine for hire -Accepted-

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PostSubject: Ilakinos - Assasine for hire -Accepted-   Mon Jun 09, 2008 4:25 pm

Character information

Name: Ilakinos
Race: Sin'dorei (Blood Elf)
Class/Spec: Combat Rogue
Level: 66 (very soon 67)

First Primary Profession: Leatherworking
Second Primary Profession: Skinning

Armory Link (go to armory in wow-europe site and paste here the link of your char):

Raiding Experience: With Ally main (Mage) as far as Zul Aman.

Attunements: None for now.

Heroics (Which heroics can you do?): None for now.

Previous Guilds: Brotherhood of Mayhem -> Mayhem Orphanage

Reason for leaving: The first one was ok till one day the Guild Masters decided to disband it cause they were tired of it... so some of the core players we formed the second one but has become quite dead over the past few months since everyone put their mains into bigger/raiding guilds.

We are raiding at least three times a week (Wednesday, Friday, Sunday) from 19:00 to 23:15 game time,one more day will be added soon (probably Monday).Invites will start 15 minutes earlier. Can you follow that? I dont think i could allthough i would love to someday join for a raid or two or more with your formidable battlegroup.

Are you familiar with your class and spec? How long have you been playing it and what is your general experience with it? Yes. One year. Pretty good but not all-knowing.

Are you willing to respec if needed? I suppose that i could if needed.

Is this your main character: No

Player information

Age: 29

Nationality: Greek

Sex: Yes please... Ohh i meant male...

How much can you be online and play with your char? Hmm tough one since its not my main but i love him plus real life is breathing down my neck... I would say about 3-4 times a week.

Have you got friends in the guild? Write down their names: Yes i'm happy to say. BrounorIimaginus

Where did you hear about our guild and why do you want to join? From the above fella he is a good real life friend of mine.

How long have you been playing WoW? 2 years now.

What do you think you have to offer us by joining our guild? Well certainly not much on the point of Raiding, at least not for some time, but if you like to have a mature team-spirited and humorous fella around you then i fit the profile *winks*.
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PostSubject: Re: Ilakinos - Assasine for hire -Accepted-   Mon Jun 09, 2008 4:31 pm

Welcome aboard mate.We can have one exception here for a good RL relative.Poke you in game.


Mess with the bull,you get the horns!!!
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Ilakinos - Assasine for hire -Accepted-
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