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 Khaeldrin Holy paladin -Declined-

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PostSubject: Khaeldrin Holy paladin -Declined-   Sun Jul 20, 2008 2:22 pm

Character information

Name: Khaeldrin
Race: Blood elf
Class/Spec: Paladin 41/18/2
Level: 70

First Primary Profession: herbalism (really low level tho)
Second Primary Profession: Skinning (also really low)

Armory Link (go to armory in wow-europe site and paste here the link of your char):

Raiding Experience:
Full Karazhan, too Lurker in SSC and too lootreaver in Tk

Attunements:Karazhan, SSC, Tk

Heroics (Which heroics can you do?): All

Previous Guilds:
Will of the reaper (lowbie guild)

Reason for leaving:
nothing for me in the near future

We are raiding four times a week (Monday,Wednesday, Friday, Sunday) from 19:00 to 23:30 game time.Invites will start 15 minutes earlier. Can you follow that?
Yes, i can

Are you familiar with your class and spec? How long have you been playing it and what is your general experience with it?
i have Exprience with both my class and spec yes. i have been playing holy ever since i dinged 70 wich was about a month or 2 ago

Are you willing to respec if needed?

Is this your main character:
It is

Player information

Age: 20

Nationality: Danish

Sex: Male

How much can you be online and play with your char?
Im online about 4-6 hours a day

Have you got friends in the guild? Write down their names:
i dont have any friends in the guild

Where did you hear about our guild and why do you want to join?
i was looking for a raid guild through Trade channel and Ardenen Whispered me with your website

How long have you been playing WoW?
2 years
What do you think you have to offer us by joining our guild?
a active healer, and a all round happy guy
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PostSubject: Re: Khaeldrin Holy paladin -Declined-   Sun Jul 20, 2008 4:17 pm

Greetings,your application is nice and experience is met,gear is nice too and can be improved more.

A trial will help us know you better,interviewed and accepted to trial.


Mess with the bull,you get the horns!!!
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Khaeldrin Holy paladin -Declined-
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