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 things to know about raiding...

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PostSubject: things to know about raiding...   Thu Dec 18, 2008 2:43 pm

Raiding is the culmination of PvE. The game prior to max level and endgame raiding are two completely different things. It's the toughest challenge the WoW game designers created. It should therefore be well understood that raiding requires a commitment. Thus if you want to become a raider, there are a few things you need to ask yourself,

  • Will I pay a repair bill of 30g+ and spend another 4050g on consumables per raid without receiving any compensation other than my own farming?
  • Is it alright when somebody else gets the item I'd love to have, especially when the decision on who gets what can often come down to politics?
  • Do I really love my chosen class, and am I willing to push it to the limit?
  • Can I balance a need for individuality with a need to conform to the expectations and dedication of an organised group?

    A common misconception is that raiding is all about epic loot. Unfortunately, there are those pesky end bosses who need a co-ordinated and determined team effort to master them. In reality raiding is all about learning the boss encounters. The most happy raid members are those who join a run because they like the challenge from these encounters.

    we do not tolerate people with selfish goals, especially when it comes to loot, they will lose their raid places quickly. loot is normally distributed on the basis what's best for the raids future success, and not what's optimal for an individual player. So be polite and don't put your personal goals over those of the whole raid. If you put the team first, you'll never come second.

    Raiding is a long term team effort. so have patience, and be a good team player.

    but always remember raiding is highly rewarding and can be a lot of fun!
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things to know about raiding...
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