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 druid application -Accepted-

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PostSubject: druid application -Accepted-   Sun Jun 01, 2008 6:22 pm

Name: Nobgrim
Race: tauren
Class/Spec: Druid/resto
Level: 70

First Primary Profession: Engineering
Second Primary Profession: Mining

Armory Link (go to armory in wow-europe site and paste here the link of your char):

Raiding Experience: All boss fight from kara to ssc

Attunements: Not need now cyclops

Heroics (Which heroics can you do?): All

Previous Guilds: thedanishbrigade

Reason for leaving: I TF from darksorrow/pvp server. because i have some realtime friends here

We are raiding at least three times a week (Wednesday, Friday, Sunday) from 19:00 to 23:15 game time,invites will start 15 minutes earlier. Can you follow that? yea

Are you familiar with your class and spec? How long have you been playing it and what is your general experience with it?
i have play priest for 4 years now. (main) i know what to do whit the healing. i have only play druid for 1mrd. now 1-70lvl

Is this your main character: no

Player information

Age: 26

Nationality: denmark

Sex: male

How much can you be online and play with your char? days 3-4 hours 1-5

Have you got friends in the guild? Write down their names: mop Sad

Where did you hear about our guild and why do you want to join?
from bobol an romrulos

How long have you been playing WoW? 4 years

What do you think you have to offer us by joining our guild? im mature playe. an i will help who i can
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PostSubject: Re: druid application -Accepted-   Sun Jun 01, 2008 6:32 pm

Your application seems fine ,gear needed to be worked ,heroics and badges can help on that as you already know.Attunement for kara isnt needed but the chain of quests will help u get the reward from reputation.Also patience and listen to raid leader tacts as we may use different ones from those you have used.We follow our own tacts so learn them our way Smile

A trial will help us know you better and i hope to see you active as it is needed,will poke you in game for invite.


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druid application -Accepted-
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