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 Important : Rules of the Guild!

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PostSubject: Important : Rules of the Guild!   Mon Nov 05, 2007 2:55 am

These are the rules that need to be followed to join our guild:

Important: Battlehorn is a raiding guild that is focusing on raids and Heroics. we are not a hardcore raiding guild however, some simple rules must be followed to raid with us.


1. Level 80. Preffered to be attuned (if required)

2. You need to be a mature, regular, experienced and cooperative player. You need to be at least 16 years old.

3. Visit the forum often and get info about the guild and its activities, posting and taking part in discussions, tactics etc...

4. Read all raid tactics and strategies and know how to play your class.

5. PvE spec and decent gear are a must to raiding with us.

6. Attend to raids in time, waiting outside the instances with what is needed to have with you. (potions, food, bandages and the money for repairs!)

7. You need to get all addons required for raids and installed to your PC. A threat meter like Omen and Boss mods like DBM or Big Wigs are required.

8. Headset is important as we are using voice chat in raids.(Server temporarly down).

9. Respect all members and be friendly to them.

10. Remember that you carry the guild's name with you, so watch your actions and keep the good fame.

11. We do not allow Damage Meters or similiar addon's output in the raid (/ra) party (/p) or guild (/g) channels (Reason). Please keep this in mind if you are using an addon like that.

12. Signing for raids must be done one day before raid so that we know who can join to make the groups. however this does not guarantee a place

13. Members can't raid with other communities or guilds even on non raid days!

14. If for any reason you are away on vocations or cant attend to a raid,you are expected to inform us before.

15. When you corpse run do so as quick as you can.
If you constantly come back last from the corpse runs and make the raid wait for you it will be less likely that you will be recomended for next raid. also applys to random AFK's

16. If you have some problems with other raiders whisper an officer and tell them about it. The matter will then be handled at once or more likely after the raid.

17. The officers and raid leaders may sometimes have to decide who gets a specific item. When we loot we do it for the greater good of the guild. see below --->

In the event of multiple people needing the same item, the officers will consider the following aspects in order of priority.

- Which recipient if receiving the item will benefit the raid the most in terms of advancing further into our targeted instances. This will inevitably lead in the case of tier items to prioritisation according to the role you perform for example.
- Which raid member would most benefit individually from the item.
- Length of time since last receiving an item.
- Rank and service within the guild

In any event no one will be allowed to receive more than one item per instance reset *unless* it would otherwise be sharded - or it is class specific and you happen to be very lucky Razz

-if PuG raids and they out number guild, loot will be rolled for

Important : If you have a problem register to forum please contact me in game online or by mail,some times there may be an issue on register to apply,thanks.

Regarding the guild bank : You are welcome to donate items to the guild bank. If you need something from the guild bank you can poke an officer.

Make sure you understand the rules before applying to join us!

This topic will be updated so visit regular.


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Important : Rules of the Guild!
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